Local Government

Local Government

Addressing Complexities in Colorado Local Government Matters

Governmental matters can be complex enough without the added difficulties that accompany legal issues. At the Colorado law offices of Lyons Gaddis, our local government attorneys have years of experience representing a range of government entities and agencies throughout the state of Colorado on a wide variety of issues. We understand the intricacies of government law and can advise our clients on the proper way in which to handle these matters.

Contact us at 303-776-9900 to discuss further how our local government attorneys handle government matters, including special district matters.

In conjunction with our representation of our many governmental clients, we have assisted in all aspects of their government operations. This includes:

  • District service plan and formation issues
  • Elections and election challenges
  • Ballot language drafting, interpretation, and challenge issues
  • Bruce/TABOR Amendment issues
  • Board of Directors’ meetings
  • Bond issuances and other forms of financing and lease-purchase agreements
  • Contract drafting and administration
  • Budget preparation
  • Litigation
  • Construction Contracts
  • Employment Matters
  • Open Records/Open Meetings
  • Colorado Governmental Immunity Act issues
  • Intergovernmental Agreements

Our local government attorneys, Adele Reester, Catherine Tallerico, Chad A. Kupper, John Chmil and Michael Roseberry have also assisted with governmental consulting, real estate acquisitions (including easements and condemnations) and related land use issues. We have provided counsel on such diverse issues as personnel matters including grievances and sexual harassment matters, water rights adjudication, intergovernmental agreements, and lobbying efforts at the state and local levels. In addition, we have advised clients on drafting of bylaws and regulations, pension fund issues and civil service matters, attorneys have assisted government clients with civil litigation involving issues ranging from constitutional rights to employment law matters, and from personal injury claims to contractual disputes.

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If you are seeking information or representation in government legal issues, please contact us today. A local government attorney at our firm can review your case and help you understand the best way in which to pursue a resolution to the situation.

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