Client testimonials

Mr. Hall went above and beyond working on my behalf. I received what was fair in my case. Thank you, Mr. Hall. God bless!

– S. Moore, October 2020

I can’t express enough how amazing Bradley was. I was hit by a drunk driver and the situation alone was stressful enough that I didn’t need the extra worry of the case itself. Bradley took care of everything for me so I could take care of my self-care and get my body and mind better verses taking on everything at once. I can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me and my case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to hire an attorney. You couldn’t be in any better hands!

– Jessa, September 2020

Thank you for everything Brad!! You’re the best in the biz

– Josh, April 2020

After meeting Mr. Hall, in a very short time, just minutes, my husband and I felt at ease and we felt like we had made the right choice in choosing the right person to handle our case. Nobody would have helped any better. What a wonderful outcome, more than we ever thought of. We are more than satisfied.

– D.K., April 2020

Mr. Hall came through for me when the insurance company was not delivering what was due. One phone call from him to the insurance company and the funds were delivered overnight. I highly recommend Mr. Hall. He handled my case with outstanding competence.

– J.K. January 2020 (Wrongful Death)

Mr. Hall was amazing to work with. He helped me through a very personal case. He respected all of our wishes with the case and never pressured us outside of our comfort zone. He righted a wrong and was right by our side every step of the way!

-Amazing! by T. R.

Brad guided me through my situation with understanding and sincerity, answering all my questions patiently and in detail. I never had to be concerned about my case, Brad would keep me informed as to what he was doing and the results. I would recommend Brad to one and all. Thank you Brad.

-5 Stars by Frank

I found Brad to be very professional and experienced. After being injured in a car accident, he guided me through the process almost effortlessly and I am pleased with my settlement.


Brad handled my case with great sensitivity and professionalism. He was able to balance the need to look out for my best interests while helping me to make a decision that best suited my conscience. I would definitely recommend Brad Hall to anyone seeking counsel in a case such as mine.


Brad is by far the best attorney I have worked with. He kept me informed, was caring and compassionate about my situation and settled my case for far more than expected. I highly recommend Brad Hall.

-Excellent Personal Injury Attorney

Brad is simply the best representation you will find. He handled my personal injury case in the most professional, compassionate way possible. These are incredibly stressful, complicated situations involving insurance companies, medical issues and legal complexities that Brad handled and kept me informed the entire way. He is flexible in the way you like to be kept informed and will partner with you the entire way. I highly recommend Brad for any work comp or personal injury situation you may have, you won’t find anyone better.


I was seriously injured in a traffic accident, while on the job. Mr. Hall came to my house to talk to my family and me, because it was very difficult for me to leave the house because of my injuries. Mr. Hall was very professional and dealt with the various insurance companies involved, and especially got things accomplished with the Workers’ Comp insurance company! Whenever I had delays in getting treatments authorized, he would quickly respond to my calls or emails and get the situation resolved. It was nice to focus on my recovery while he dealt with the stress of the insurance companies and bills that I was receiving for some treatments. I unfortunately fell and injured my right foot while I was recovering from my original left leg injury, and Mr. Hall was able to get that included with my case, since my fall was the result of my original injury. He was able to get me the first part of the settlement when I really needed it (I was not able to work for over a year and had a very long recovery) so I could pay off the mounting bills. When I was released from Workers’ Comp, he explained my options to me about keeping the case open, and aggressively pursued the settlements with the insurance companies, while they were trying to delay the process. He got me much more money than I would have gotten had I just gone through the system on my own. I am very thankful that Mr. Hall was able to work with the Auto Insurance carriers and get me some money to help compensate my life changing injuries and the lost wages. I will also be using the money to go to school, as I am not physically able to do my previous job. Being injured is bad enough, but being stressed out and pushed around by the insurance companies is not something anybody should have to deal with. I am very thankful that I hired Mr. Hall, because I had minimal involvement in the stressful part of my recovery since he took care of it for me! He always answers my (often long) emails with concise answers, and has taken the time to explain things to me and my family members!

-Worked hard to keep me taken care of! -Nathan

Brad Hall helped our family tremendously over the past year to settle a claim with the at-fault insurance company from a traffic accident. He kept us posted throughout the process and was always readily available either by phone or email. He and his team were able to deal with the insurance company and accomplished a much better settlement than we were able to do on our own. He is very amiable and knowledgeable. I recommend Brad Hall highly if you have need of an attorney.

-So helpful -Karen P.

Bradley Hall did a great job on my case. The insurance company was hard to deal with and extremely frustrating. I was referred to Brad and scheduled my appointment. I’m so happy I did. He took care of everything! He was very knowledgeable and kept me informed during the process. I am very satisfied and would recommend him to everyone.


Brad did a great job for me. He is knowledgeable, caring, and very fair in his fees. I would use him again and highly recommend him.

-Diane L.

Brad did a great job of explaining the laws and what to expect. He even offered advice on how to protect myself and my daughter in the event of future accidents. There was a high chance that my health insurance was going to claim the majority of my settlement to reimburse themselves. However, after the adjuster spoke to Brad, they decided not to pursue my settlement. I was so relieved to receive more than I had anticipated. Thanks to Brad I was able to not only pay off all my medical debt, but also have enough to put away for future emergencies. Thank you Brad!

-Lori H.

I was in an auto accident several years ago. I got in touch with Brad Hall to represent me and he did. From the very beginning he gave me all the information I needed to let me know what to expect and put my mind at ease. He kept me informed all the way through the situation and I never had a problem getting hold of him. I was pleased with the outcome.

-V. Pherson

Mr. Hall was highly effective in winning a favorable outcome in my legal matter. I attribute this to his deep experience in litigation, impeccable standards and a well-established reputation in the legal community. I would recommend Mr. Hall and his partners without hesitation.

– John P.

Brad showed me compassion as he fought for me to the very end. I’m very thankful that I made that first phone call four years ago. All my goals were met and I am very pleased with the outcome of my case.

– Kathi M.

Brad is committed to treat his clients with integrity, honesty, and compassion. I recommend him highly.

– Beth S.

Brad came highly recommended by another lawyer friend. After meeting with Brad, it didn’t take long to receive satisfaction from the insurance company that represented the man who hit me head-on outside of the Boulder city limits. Brad did a great job representing my claim. I would highly recommend him to anyone with an injury accident.

– Great job Brad -M.S.

Brad came highly recommended to me for a slip and fall accident. After talking to Brad on the phone for 30 minutes and then meeting with him the next day for two hours, I knew he was the attorney for me. In fact, he was the only attorney I consulted. Brad was extremely reassuring. His advice to me, at that time, was to concentrate on my healing as he would take care of all the legal issues. Brad personally answered my phone calls, met with me when I felt it was necessary, always answered my questions, and did not delay getting things done in a timely manner. As time went on, we were able to come to a very reasonable settlement. I have recommended Brad and will continue to.

-Reassuring -Kathy C.

I would highly recommend Mr. Hall and his associates.

-Richard F.

Let’s see…my experience working with Brad was in all regards easy. He is thoughtful, pragmatic, and concise and always had my interests in the forefront, whether presenting options to me as an advocate or expressing his thoughts as the other party’s devil’s advocate. I was always comfortable with his presentations and explanations. When all was said and done I had no woulda, shoulda, and coulda moments. He is a fine attorney.

-No second thoughts -Steve W.

I worked with Brad Hall on my personal injury case from an auto accident. From the moment I walked in the door I was warmly welcomed and offered beverages. After my initial consultation with him, he took the case and all of my worries. He kept me informed as to what was going on, educated me on my options and kept the case rolling. I did not have to think about it again until he was ready for me to know something new. It was Brad’s knowledge and expertise that led me to understand that the many issues I was having was due to me hitting my head, this alone changed the course of my life. This experience was beyond my expectations. I HIGHLY recommend Brad Hall and his organization…Thank you Brad.


I worked in healthcare until I hurt my back lifting a patient. I was very confused on what to do with workers’ compensation, social security, and disability. Brad was able to answer all of my questions and what to do next. He was very patient and dealt with all of my concerns. I received a fair settlement and would highly recommend Brad Hall.


I was broadsided by an SUV while riding my motorcycle which caused me to have a leg amputated as well as other serious injuries. Brad is a very patient and meticulous attorney with his client’s best interests at heart. Whenever I had a question, it was promptly answered or the issue was promptly addressed. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad as a personal injury attorney. I found him ready, willing and able to take my case to trial instead of settling for the quick buck. I now consider Brad as a personal friend.

-An honest, ethical and hard-working attorney -J. Read

When my husband was broadsided on his motorcycle in 2009, it didn’t take long to realize we would need a good personal injury lawyer. The best reference I received was from our estate attorney who simply said “I would not even hesitate to recommend Brad Hall.” My confidence was further boosted when I called Lyons Gaddis and asked to speak to Brad Hall. I was put directly through to him with no questions at all! He visited my husband and I in the hospital that afternoon. He is a warm, compassionate, ethical man as well as a very knowledgeable attorney. He did not pressure us to hire him, but agreed that we would certainly need an attorney to get through the situation we were facing. Brad was there for us for the entire two years of resolution and we were very pleased with the final outcome. By this time, we had become friends and shared many laughs and hugs along the way. I am pleased to recommend Brad Hall as an individual and attorney of integrity.

-Exceeded our expectations –B. Read

I knew Brad for many years before I needed his help to settle my auto accident claim. Brad listened to my situation and spent the time to explain to me how the process would work. No high pressure, he told me to go home and think about it first. He and his staff were professional throughout the process and kept me informed on the status of my case. He left the decisions to me after providing me with the information to make them. I would highly recommend Brad for anyone who needs an attorney.

-Experienced caring attorney -Bjpepper

Mr. Hall was my lawyer for a slip and fall case as well as my disability lawyer. I have used different lawyers in the past both personally and at my employment. Mr. Hall and his staff worked diligently, quickly, and effectively. Their service far surpassed that of others I’ve used. His service was so superb that when I moved to Aurora, instead of getting a new lawyer for my disability I drove to Longmont. The drive was nothing knowing my case would be handled with the personal attention I knew Mr. Hall would provide. I would and have recommended Mr. Hall to anyone looking for a lawyer who will be truthful and get the job done right.

-Excellent Lawyer! -V Blaine

After our daughter was hit by a cement truck while riding her bike when she was 12, we knew we needed legal help. Brad was recommended by a friend and he was just what we needed. He is caring and patient. Being so young when the accident happened, Brad had the patience to wait and see exactly how she would heal and look further ahead for any medical issues she may have. It was a long process and an ordeal that we would not want any parent to go through. Brad relieved all the legal stress from our lives. We have great respect for Brad and his staff!

-Thanks to Brad Hall -F and C

I was in a minor accident when someone ran a red light causing me to hit his car. I was trying to collect the insurance from the individual who was at fault with little to no results. That’s when I talked to Brad Hall and had him handle the insurance companies. He was sensitive to my case and he took the worry away from me. In the end he reached a fair and good settlement for me. I recommend Brad as a personal injury attorney – he gets results for the client.

-A positive and caring attorney -E. Sloan

Brad guided me through my situation with understanding and sincerity, answering all my questions patiently and in detail. I never had to be concerned about my case, Brad would keep me informed as to what he was doing and the results. I would recommend Brad to one and all. Thank you Brad.

-5 Stars -Frank

My lawyer Bradley Hall and his assistant Brenda Hartshorn, were absolutely amazing! I never had one question unanswered nor was I intimidated to ask them! They kept me updated on all advancements in my case. I truly give 100% of my trust to them, and am extremely grateful I found such a wonderful team that was sincere, diligent, kind, professional, and overall amazing!

-Excellent! -Leslie

Brad took what was a horrible situation and brought a quick and more than fair resolution for my accident. He walked me through and made sure that I understood everything every step of the way. He provided great guidance with honesty and professionalism. My experience with him could not have been better!

-Wonderful Attorney -Cameron

I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me in my personal injury case. They kept me informed on the progress of my case and answered all of my questions in a prompt manner. I would send anyone needing representation to Brad and Brenda. They’re the best!

-5 Stars -Jean L.

Brad helped us through one of the hardest times in our life. He helped us win our case. This is the lawyer you want if you want to WIN your case. Call Brad.


Excellent experience! We came across Bradley over the internet. We are so glad to have found him! Upon our consultation he presented himself very professional and extremely informative. He helped my father with his workers compensation case. He helped my father settle in a quick timely manner. Actually, much quicker than we anticipated! He also helped my father receive more than three times the amount they had offered him! I would definitely recommend Bradley to anyone looking for an attorney.

-5 Stars -Gena

Brad did a great job getting everything done in a timely manner and dealing with an extremely difficult insurance company. He kept me up to date and was great about explaining the process.


Brad Hall is very good at what he does. I was able to recover from my accidents, while he took care of all the insurance stuff and took the stress away from me. I would use him again. Thanks Brad for being a good person and a trustworthy lawyer.