Business and Complex Commercial Litigation


You want to spend your time building and running your business, not in court.  Even the most successful and well-run companies encounter disputes – with their competitors, customers, partners, shareholders and employees.  When a dispute disrupts your business, you need skilled guidance to resolve the matter quickly, efficiently, fairly and, in some cases, aggressively.

Founded by seasoned litigators, Lyons Gaddis has long been recognized as a leader in the resolution of complex disputes.  Our team of experienced trial lawyers is highly collaborative and focuses aggressively on effectively advocating for our clients.  Our broad range of expertise, coupled with our hands-on approach to each case, allows the business litigation team at Lyons Gaddis to position our clients to achieve great results in both settlements and verdicts.  We zealously represent your interests and help you achieve better results – getting you out of the courtroom and back to business.

Whether your business has been threatened with a lawsuit or you are dealing with issues which require legal action, we can help. Being on the receiving end of a breach of contract or failure to perform also puts your business at risk. We can assess your situation and determine what, if any, legal action should occur to protect your business.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a long-term relationship with business clients as their go-to resource when they need legal assistance. We take pride in providing what we call “outside in-house counsel,” which means we are there when you need us, even though we are not working directly within your company.

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