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The last thing you want to consider is the prospect of your life ending. However, denying your mortality is shortsighted and doesn’t do you or your loved ones any good. A life of prosperity, one in which assets are secured and retirement accounts are plentiful, needs detailed planning to ensure that family members are taken care of after you have passed away.

Unfortunately, a growing number of probate disputes are occurring as there are more second family situations. It is crucial that you clearly identify your wishes so potential disputes are avoided. At Lyons Gaddis, we take a detail-oriented approach to drafting wills, establishing trusts, and handling delicate probate matters.

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Proactive Steps in Protecting Your Assets

Estate planning is a proactive way of protecting your assets. Leaving it up to your family or a probate judge only creates further hardship beyond the grief felt over your loss. Your loved ones will appreciate the planning that you do. You need an experienced estate planning attorney who will attend to the details and look out for your best interests and those of your family members, including inheritance and other tax planning issues.

Creating Your Own Plan

At Lyons Gaddis, our job is to ensure that your wishes become reality. Estate planning is about more than money and assets. You can determine your course of care now, in case you should not be able to make health-related decisions in the future. We can assist you in creating a medical power of attorney in order to allow a family member to make medical decisions for you.

In addition to estate planning, our firm can assist you with bringing or defending claims in estate litigation matters.

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