Land Use and Zoning Litigation

When disputes involving a land use or zoning matter cannot be resolved through negotiation, mediation or even arbitration, land use and zoning litigation may be the only remaining option. The attorneys at Lyons Gaddis are highly experienced in both federal and state courts in land use dispute negotiation, litigation and, ultimately, resolution.

The real estate litigators at Lyons Gaddis have extensive experience with land use and zoning matters, including the resolution of disputes with governmental entities and condemnation proceedings.  We represent both public and private sector commercial and institutional property owners and developers in federal and state courts, arbitrations, and mediations, and before federal, state, and local government bodies.

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Land use and zoning litigation cases involve unique issues and both local and state laws regarding notices, venue, and time sensitive filing deadlines.  Such maters should be taken seriously.  Contact one of our Real Estate Attorneys today by calling 303-776-9900 or by emailing us directly.

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