Divorce and Family Disputes

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Representing Individuals and Families Through Divorce Matters

Our family relationships are among the things we hold most dear, as individuals and as a society.  Respect for those relationships serves as the foundation of our work with those effected by divorce and marital disputes.  Through our work with clients we strive to deliver successful results while providing personal, attentive, caring and respectful service throughout our work with you and your family.  

The Family Law Advocacy You Need During Difficult Times

Cases that involve divorce, child custody, visitation, property division and parental rights are rife with emotion, conflict, and require the compassion and special skill set of an experienced family law attorney. No other area of the law requires knowledge of so many discrete subjects, including business, psychology, creditor/debtor, and litigation.

At Lyons Gaddis, we focus on getting your issues resolved in a fair and expedited manner with a view toward minimizing conflict, if possible.

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Helping You Get Through a Divorce

We help clients with significant assets get through the complex process of a divorce. Money matters that involve child/spousal support or division of property can turn a cooperative divorce into a painful and expensive battle. While we prefer to mediate disputes and reach a solution that works for all parties, we will not hesitate to litigate if that provides the best outcome for our client.

Our Attorneys Assist Clients Through Difficult Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division and Parental Rights Cases

Protecting Your Assets Prior to Marriage

Our family law practice also includes preventative law — prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. While not considered the most romantic part of a marriage in its infancy, these agreements do serve to protect individual assets and family business interests.

A Team for Your Case

John Gaddis, a shareholder at our firm, has over 30 years of experience helping individuals successfully resolve various types of family disputes.

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