Annexation, Zoning and Subdivision

The Real Estate and Development Group at Lyons Gaddis helps our clients with the entitlement of real estate, from annexation and zoning of land to the planning and subdivision of residential and commercial communities.  We advise brokers and lenders, developers, local and municipal governments, and residential home builders and landowners on a diverse range of zoning and land use matters—from the adoption of zoning ordinances, text amendments, water dedication and comprehensive plans to a variety of permits and land use agreements. 

While many land planners and engineers are well versed in many aspects of annexation, zoning, and entitlement, unique legal issues are intertwined in the process of entitling land in Colorado.  The Real Estate and Development Group at Lyons Gaddis has deep connections with local and municipal governments and can deftly guide your project through the complex entitlement process.

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