Longmont Colorado Estate and Probate Litigation Lawyers

Longmont Colorado Estate and Probate Litigation Lawyers

Offering Legal Assistance with Estate Disputes Throughout Colorado

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without having to face legal battles between family members. Unfortunately, this occurs all too often. Sorting out the details of an estate is one of the most difficult aspects of being part of a family, and sometimes the situation escalates until it is out of control.

Trying to manage the expectations of family members with the wishes of the deceased is challenging. In addition to the legal issues that arise, there are often difficult emotions like anger and confusion to contend with. When these issues reach the point of legal action, the estate litigation attorneys at Lyons Gaddis can help. We understand how difficult family estate matters can be, and take the time to review the unique details of the situation before taking action. Families have options when it comes to resolving estate disputes and pursuing the wrong option can cause strife that lasts a lifetime. We work to help you resolve estate issues in the most efficient and least damaging way possible.

Estate Disputes on the Rise

There has been a gradual increase in estate disputes in recent years. We believe this might be due in part to the ever-changing landscape of the American family. Every family is unique with its own set of challenges, making it difficult to create laws that are appropriate for every situation. An estate plan made 10 or 12 years ago might be of little help in the present.

Whatever the reason for your family’s estate dispute, you need experienced attorneys to help you deal with the complex issues. We have significant experience helping families of all shapes, sizes, and types make the best choices for them. Matters related to probate and will contests take their toll, and if you want to keep your family intact despite your loss, you need the support of an experienced and compassionate estate litigation attorney.

Experience Handling Contested Wills, Mismanaged Trusts, and Violations of Fiduciary Responsibility

Our attorneys have experience representing clients who brought claims or defenses in a wide variety of estate litigation issues, including:

  • Will contests
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Entitlement issues
  • Fiduciary claims against representatives, executors, or administrators
  • Collection of bonds held by an estate
  • Estate planning
  • Other probate issues


If you would like to discuss your family’s estate issue or you are in need of legal support during a probate or estate litigation, we can help. Contact our estate litigation team at 303-776-9900 to schedule an appointment.