Personal Injury Litigation

Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Clients

You already face the challenge of recovering from your injury, and we help you with what can be a complicated and frustrating journey to resolution of your case. Litigation is highly complex, and the timeline from start to finish can be long and emotionally challenging. At Lyons Gaddis, we communicate every step of the way to help you understand the process. Each lawsuit takes a different path, and those paths are not always predictable.

Lyons Gaddis specializes in litigating and resolving numerous types of personal injury cases, including injuries caused by automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death. These cases call for guidance by an experienced attorney who helps you evaluate all possible forms of recovery. We will explore claims against the negligent party’s insurance company, corporate coverage, excess policy coverage under an umbrella policy, and in many instances our client’s own underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.

For over 45 years, the attorneys at Lyons Gaddis have been successfully litigating personal injury cases for the people of Northern Colorado and the entire state. We will stand by your side to uphold your rights, guide you through the often complicated process of recovering from a negilgent party or their insurance company, and help ease the stress that you and your family may be experiencing. For a free case evaluation, call us today at 303-776-9900.