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Special Districts

Decisions that are made concerning special districts affect the entire community, which is why it is so important to receive appropriate legal advice. Our team of special district attorneys can help with important decisions and negotiations in your district.

Shareholders Adele Reester, Catherine Tallerico, Chad A. Kupper, John Chmil and Michael Roseberry and a team of attorneys and paralegals, we take a team approach to working with and providing counsel to special districts, helping them with everything from common day-to-day matters to resolving complex legal issues.

Our team has experience as general counsel, helping special districts and their board members on wide-ranging issues such as elections, public records, and open meetings. We also have experience in district formation, including:

• Sanitation
• Fire
• Water
• Park and Recreation
• Library
• Metropolitan
• Health Services and Ambulance

Our team can help with complicated personnel issues, one of the most common concerns for special districts. We’ll help your district deal with contract and collective bargaining agreement negotiations, and other complicated issues. Now more than ever, special districts need assistance with complex legal matters and our Colorado special district attorneys can help.

Helping Your District with Complex Personnel Issues

We can assist you through contract and collective bargaining agreement negotiations, employee terminations, and other personnel matters. Due to their complexity and sensitivity, these issues often require the help of an experienced lawyer.

Negotiating Agreements for Construction Projects in Your Best Interests

Construction projects and real estate transactions can create contentious relationships and strain district resources. From purchasing real estate to negotiating contracts, we provide special districts with experienced legal representations throughout the entire process.

Providing Professional Counsel to Special Districts

Specialized entities need specialized advice. From policy formation, construction matters to employment practices, elections, litigation, district formation, overlap issues and consolidations, Intergovernmental Agreements, and real estate transactions, the attorneys at Lyons Gaddis have for many years served as reliable resources for special districts throughout Colorado.

Previous and Current Special District Clients

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