Water Law

Any time you encounter problems that affect your water rights, you need experienced attorneys on your side. The experienced water rights lawyers at Lyons Gaddis will provide the representation and guidance you need in Water Court and water-related transactions.

Our firm works with all types of water users.  We provide legal counsel for municipalities, water districts, metropolitan districts, water conservancy districts, water authorities, water associations, and ditch and reservoir companies.  We also represent numerous agricultural users, landowners, commercial users, industrial users.  We will help you get the most out of your water rights, and protect them when necessary.

Our Water Team includes eight specialized water law attorneys who are experts in water-related transactions and litigation and other water matters. With a combined 100-plus years of experience, Anthony J. BasileAlison I. Gorsevski, Casey J. Weaver, Jeff KahnMadoline Wallace-Gross, Matthew Machado, Scott Holwick and Steve Jeffers will provide you with the support and guidance you need when dealing with Colorado water law and related property rights issues.

Water Law support staff: Jennifer Kaufman, Michelle Soule, Scott Sinclair

Developing and Protecting Water Rights

Our attorneys can help you with water-related matters, such as:

  • Obtaining new water rights
  • Changing water rights
  • Evaluating water rights
  • Developing water rights
  • Acquiring water rights
  • Protecting land, easements, and water rights
  • Augmentation plans and exchanges
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Our Water Court attorneys have a unique depth of experience in water matters and can help you chart a path to success.

If you need advice on water rights and related property issues, contact us at 303-776-9900.

Our Water Law Attorneys