Residential and Mixed use Planned Communities

The entitlement, development, operation, and sale of residential and mixed use master planned communities often combines multiple aspects of real estate and land use law.  The Real Estate and Development Group at Lyons Gaddis helps clients in all aspects of planned community development from land acquisition to entitlement, subdivision and development and ultimately to the sale of lots and finished homes.  Our experience includes:

Raw Land Purchase and Sale
Purchase and Sale Contracts
Due Diligence
Annexation and Zoning
Subdivision and Development Plans
Vested Rights Agreements
Public Improvements
Public Improvement Reimbursement Agreements
Bulk Sale Agreements

Special Districts
Metropolitan Districts
Intergovernmental Agreements
Homeowners Associations
Water Authorities
Non-potable Water System
Cost Sharing and Reimbursement Agreements
Park and Recreation Agreements
Real Estate Finance

The Real Estate and Development Group at Lyons Gaddis has established lasting and trusting relationships with local and state officials and we rely upon those relationships as we advocate for our clients.  We serve as counsel for high-profile and complex development projects in northern Colorado and throughout the state.  We have worked with many of the largest development projects in northern Colorado, including the development of master planned communities, golf course communities, multi-family housing, senior housing, affordable housing, mixed-use development, new urban communities, co-housing projects, condominiums, hospital campuses, health care facilities, and medical office buildings.

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The entitlement and development of residential and mixed-use planned communities involves multiple layers of legal issues that must be carefully planned and coordinated in order to ensure a successful and profitable project.  Contact one of our Real Estate Attorneys today by calling 303-776-9900 or by emailing us directly.