General Practice Law Firm

Dedicated Advocacy

Our firm has built a statewide reputation in Colorado for successful advocacy for more than 40 years. Our lawyers are skilled in a variety of practice areas and they serve as informational resources not only for clients, but also for each other. Longevity and experience are critical components in providing the highest quality of legal services.

Whether you have been injured while at work, or need help with a business, tax or real estate transaction, you need a dedicated advocate to represent your interests.

Solutions-Driven Attorneys

Lyons Gaddis, P.C. specializes in solutions, which are best achieved by collaboration among an experienced team. Our attorneys provide unique insights, knowledgeable support, and a solutions-driven approach. From personal injury claims to employment litigation, we have the resources to help our clients immediately. Governmental entities, businesses, and their representatives often need immediate and direct answers to complicated legal questions involving multiple practice areas, which may include real estate, oil and gas, water rights and other transactional issues. Individuals involved in emotionally-charged family law cases need someone to help navigate the process. Estate planning and probate matters can be very complex, and involve decisions that affect an individual’s assets, property and business, and have potential tax consequences.

Our Law Firm Provides Skilled Representation and Achieves Resolutions

Offering Convenience and Experience

We offer convenience and quick access for our clients located not only in Longmont and surrounding areas, but throughout the state of Colorado. A free initial office or phone consultation is available for certain types of matters.

Important personal and business decisions may have brought you to our law office, yet one of the most vital decisions you make involves the selection of an attorney. You are entitled to experienced and knowledgeable legal representation. At Lyons Gaddis, P.C.  this is what we provide.

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