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Commentary and Analysis Regarding Colorado Law

Back from Russia


Dick Lyons (third from left) was one of 40 U.S. observers who joined 400 other international observers for the March 18 Russian presidential election.  After two days of training and briefing in Moscow by the O.S.C.E., Dick and his international  team from Armenia and Finland were flown further east to observe polling, counting, and tabulation procedures in rural areas outside of Perm, Russia near the Ural Mountains where they endured three days of bitter cold, wind, and snow.  The adverse weather did not deter the turnout!

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Lyons Gaddis is a proud sponsor for Team Left Hand Bike MS

Team Left Hand Bike MS

June 23-24, 2018


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Thomas Beckmann
Valentine's Day ProjectThe Paralegal Section of the Boulder County Bar participated in sending out hand written valentines to Boulder County seniors living in nursing homes.  We would like to thank Ginny Hout, Kyna Glover, and Jessica Grover for sending out 80 valentines our behalf of Lyons Gaddis.

50 year Boulder Bar Members                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wally H. Grant was recognized as one of three bar members in attendance at the BCBA lunch meeting with CBA president and Supreme Court Justice Marquez that have practiced law for 50 years.  Congratulations Wally!

SPECIAL DISTRICT ASSOCIATION OF COLORADO CONFERENCE 2017 (SDA)Richard Lyons, II, Adele Reester, Cathy Tallerico, and John Chmil will be speaking at SDA this year. Ms. Reester is on a panel to discuss: Consolidation of Fire Services: A study in Collaboration. Mr. Lyons and Mr. Chmil will be speaking on the legal challenges special districts face when setting fees and offering advice on how special districts can avoid its fees being invalidated as unconstitutional exactions. 

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