Top Ten Legal Issues with Social Media

In a world where we are permanently connected to our “devices” and frequent “status” updates are the norm, special districts often struggle to define the appropriate role social media can play in their organizations.  Issues such as ensuring that employees are posting appropriate material, maintaining consistent messaging, addressing vulgar, offensive or harassing comments, protecting private information and using social media to provide better services to the public can overwhelm a special district.

At this year’s SDA Conference, on Friday, September 12, 2014 at 10:15 am in Torreys Peak II, Catherine Tallerico will discuss these topics and many others.  Catherine’s discussion will present the Top Ten Legal Issues with Social Media.  This enlightening session will explore the potential legal issues that may arise as social media is integrated into special districts.  Catherine will provide recommendations on the best policies and procedures districts can implement to maximize the benefits and avoid the unwanted pitfalls of social media.

Join Catherine on Friday, September 12th to learn more about this interesting topic.