Lyons Gaddis Opens Louisville Office

The Firm is excited about our new branch office in Louisville. Located at 363 Centennial Parkway, Suite 110, our Louisville office will provide greater flexibility for current and new clients from Louisville, Superior, Erie, Lafayette, Broomfield and surrounding communities near the Highway 36 corridor, as well as those from the Boulder and Denver metropolitan areas.

We are also excited that our three attorneys who live in Louisville, Steve Jeffers, Matt Machado and Madoline Wallace-Gross, will work on a regular basis in the Louisville office, allowing them to be more active in their hometown community. Steve has lived in Boulder County since 1977 and called Louisville home for the past 28 years. Matt and Madoline have also lived in Louisville for a number of years. All three attorneys look forward to new opportunities to be involved in the Louisville community. The Firm’s Louisville branch office will include office space for resident attorneys Steve, Matt, and Madoline, and additional office and conference space for other attorneys to work and to meet with clients, expert witnesses and consultants. All of the Firm’s attorneys are available to meet by appointment in either the Longmont office at 515 Kimbark Street, 303-776-9900 or in the Louisville office at 363 Centennial Parkway, 720-726-3670.