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Commentary and Analysis Regarding Colorado Law

Are you Putting Yourself at Risk By “Saving” on your Car Insurance? (Part 2)

Submitted by Bradley A. Hall

Last quarter, I wrote about how you are able to protect yourself and your family members from injuries caused by uninsured and underinsured negligent drivers. But what if the shoe is on the other foot? What if you are now the defendant who ran the stop sign, looked down at the wrong time, or committed some other act which injured another driver, pedestrian, or even one of your own passengers? Do you have enough liability insurance to cover the injured parties’ damages? If not, your personal assets, including your ongoing income, may be at risk.

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Ins and Outs of Liquor Licensing

Submitted by Adele L. Reester

Have a liquor license or thinking about getting one for your business: knowing the ins and outs can make all the difference.Liquor licensing of restaurants, taverns, stores, and other establishments is governed by a variety of state laws and regulations, legal decisions, and local rules established by individual Local Licensing Authority (“LLA”). Each municipality or county establishes its own LLA, which may be its judge, a hearing officer, the city council, the county commissioners, or even an appointed citizen board like the one used by the City of Boulder. In Longmont, the City utilizes its municipal judge, while outside city limits Boulder County’s Board of County Commissioners has appointed a hearing officer.

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Colorado Water Law Legislation Update

Submitted by Jeffrey J. Kahn

Proposed Water Legislation and Ballot Initiative

Legislation:  The 2014 Colorado Legislative Session convened on January 8th and several pending bills appear headed for enactment, including:

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Public Benefit Corporations

Have You Heard?

Public Benefit Corporations
Submitted by Suzan D. Fritchel
Beginning in April, 2014, Colorado will have a new business entity: the Public Benefit Corporation.

The Colorado State Legislature recently passed a bill authorizing a new form of business entity called the Public Benefit Corporation. This new entity will be “for profit,” but the board of directors must balance the best interests of the corporation and shareholders (maximization of profits) with the “public benefits” as stated in its articles of incorporation. Examples of possible public benefits identified by an entity would include charitable, cultural, educational, environmental or religious goals. Contact us for guidance in this new area of business operation.

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Powerful Powers of Attorney

Three Ways to Empowerment

Submitted by Anton V. Dworak

When clients make appointments for “estate planning”,  they tend to be focused on how they leave their property when they pass away.    While this is, of course very important,  we always stress that an estate plan is incomplete without properly drafted “powers of attorney.”

 A power of attorney is a legal document where you grant powers to make decisions for you under circumstances you dictate.  These powers include making financial decisions,  paying bills,  executing deeds or making medical decisions.     These powers can be effective immediately or upon disability.    What powers and when they can be used depends on your individual personal circumstances.

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